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The mission of Mountain & Meadows is simple. We want to help you live a more positive and intentional life. To do so, we've combined complex and provocative scents with high quality ingredients, raw stones and a clean, sophisticated design aesthetic to offer a holistic experience like no other. We use only pure plant-based ingredients to keep you healthy and connected to your emotions and the energy of the earth.

We've found that when we make time every day to focus our consciousness on joy, abundance, love and acceptance we increase our positive energy and vibrations and, as a result, grow the joy, abundance, love and acceptance in our lives. After spending many hours researching and testing combinations of ingredients, scents and stones, we've developed products that envelop you in a multi-sensory experience, accentuating and amplifying your meditation and mindfulness practice. 

Mountain & Meadows products have been crafted by hand in small batches in our Portland, Oregon studio with the highest level of detail and care and the hope that you too will make more moments mindful.

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